Why Gopulala

Benefits of Raw cow milk

We bring to you farm fresh, naturally sweet raw milk. The natural sweetness occurs due to organically grown grass fed to cows. We offer milk pure and natural occurring free from additives and preservatives.

  • Cow's milk is a source of potassium, an increase of which has been associated with vasodilatation and reduced blood pressure
  • Gopulala milk gives you Calcium, Protien ,Iodine, Potasium, Phosphorus and vitamins B2 and B12.
  • Cow’s Milk nourishes the body tissues
  • Cow milk is the next best thing to Mother’s milk for the new born
  • Gopulala Milk is carefully produced and packed with great hygiene
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Gopulala Milk is naturally extracted without the use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics.



Whatever mother cow gives it's given to you as is without processing to preserve natural vitamins and minerals present in the milk



Milk is delivered within a couple of hours of milking , this makes us different from other dairy companies.



Gopulala Milk is of highest quality without any adulteration.

Benefits of Glass Milk

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    We do this so that the milk tastes good as the way it is, and to keep it away from the dangerous toxins released by plastic.

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    The joy of providing milk in glass bottles is a decision we made for better taste and quality. Glass is recyclable and milk in it doesn't absorb unwanted chemicals hence the taste and nutrient remains same

Our Product

Gopulala delivers you hygienic & chemical free milk, freshly collected from local farmers.