Welcome to Gopulala Agro Producer Company Ltd.

Gopulala’ is a brand name of our project, in which we supply Bottled milk, ghee, Paneer, Dahi and several dairy products for the betterment of our health.

Gopulala Agro Producer Company Ltd. (APC) has been a well-known dairy production company since 2007 under the name of Gopulala Enterprises. Now we have grown itself as a company limited with our quality product and dedicated efforts with 13 years experiences in dairy sector.

we are expanding our operation in different location in India. We have commenced our operation in 2020. Gradually we will flourish our operation in whole India




To become a leading dairy production company with a quality product and services. Gopulala Agro Producer Company Limited aspired to be one of the leading entities in top 20 milk producer
firm across the nation..




We grow by growing our associate farmers and members. Gopulala Agro Producer Company Limited is constantly committed towards its transparency and honesty regarding its services and adheres to the govt. quality standard for procuring milk and other dairy products.